POLICY as of 1-1-20


1. Before your service please let us know if you have any coupons, gift cards, or free cards in order to have them
   applied at the time of payment. 

2. Once a customer has paid for their service, any coupons, gift cards or free cards can not be applied for that visit,
    and will have to be used for the next visit. 

3. When you fill up your Lucky Nails Rewards card with 10 points for that day, you cannot redeem it for a same day
    but for your subsequent visit.  

4. When you fill up your Lucky Nails Rewards card with 10 points, you can redeem it for a Regular Pedicure (# 1).
     For an additional fee you can upgrade your pedicure.

5. When you receive your free pedicure/manicure you cannot combine it with any other  offers, such as coupons.

6. When you receive your free pedicure/manicure, even with a separate service, you will not earn another point at
     the time of that service. Points will start to be added on your next visit.

7. Only ONE coupon  or  Only ONE point PER customer. 

8. There is NO REFUND after time of service . If there is a problem within the first three days after service we
     will try to fix it, “Within Reason.” However, if you decide you would like something different from what you
      have come to have fixed,  then you will be charged for the change and that can be added to your rewards card.

9. If you forget your stamp after your service or lost your rewards card, we will not reimburse any points you have
     accumulated on that rewards card and you will have to start your points over with a new card. MAKE SURE to
     keep your card in a safe place to avoid this from happening.

10. If you forget your coupon at the time of your service, we will not be able to replace it for you. YOU MUST
      HAVE your 
coupon with you at the time of your service, with the Lucky Nails Logo, in order to
      receive any discount.

11. Each customers service is separate. Even if you pay for multiple services that does not mean you earn all the

     points. The customer's receiving the services that exceed $16 receive their own points. It is one point PER 

     CUSTOMER, PER BOXPER DAY regardless of who is  paying for  the service.

12. Please make sure you use the correct coupon for the service you are receiving. You cannot combine coupons
if you are getting two services. For example, if you are getting a "Mani & Pedi" you need to use the
      coupon that 
says "Mani & Pedi." You cannot use the "Manicure" or "Pedicure" coupons because those are
      only valid for those 
two separate services.

13. We are not responsible for LOST, STOLEN, or DAMAGED personal property . Please take care of your

14. Please choose your color carefuly . We will not be responsible if they do not come out the way you want . If you

      Change your mind to different color then you will be charged for that change. 

15. Appointments: We will try our best to keep your appointment on time. Occasionally, we are delayed, but your 

     appointment will remain our top priority. Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes before your appointment time.

16. Late Appointments: If you are late, we will try our best to take you in. However, In order to respect our other
     customer's time and their schedule we may have to reschedule your appointment for another time. We value
     ALL our customers time please do the same.

17. Wait Time: We can simply estimate the wait time. We may possibly take you in sooner, or even later then we 

     predict. If you leave and come back then you have to start back of the line again . 

18. Sign In: If you sign in for your friend, your friend must be with you or it will be considered a walk-in. Please
sure we know so we can help you better .

19. SORRY NO PERSONAL CHECKS.  There is a $10 Minimum purchase for  credit cards.

20. We only take the most recent coupons. If you have any questions please ask one of our technicians and they
        will be happy to assist you.

21. We have the right to decline any service at any time.

22. If in the event that there is a refusal of payment for services rendered, the appropriate authorities
       will be notified. 

23. If a customer finds that they do not have money on their person at the time payment is expected and says that
       they would like to go to an ATM or Bank to get money, then the customer must leave a valid driver's license
       until they return to pay for the services rendered.

24. Please there are NO PETS ALLOWED in our salon.


26. Please save your Lucky Nails Card for any complaints you may have. If you do not have it, 
       we cannot help you.


The nail technicians are only following the store's policy therefore, if you have any questions or problems please fill out our form on the home page.The Manager will get back to you ASAP.

Lucky Nails appreciates your patronage and want you to have a fantastic experience when you visit us. We apologize for any inconvenience some of our store policies may pose for some customers. We thank you in advance for your understanding. 

     –Lucky Nails Management